What's the advantages for new S8 electric kick scooter

Jun. 07,2018

jifi S8, it's one of the most popular electric scooter model in the market.

Now, we have one upgrade model, and let we show you, what's the difference.

1. New folding design

Abandon market easy to break and easy to jam design, we research and development our own folding design, with a silicone buffer system, more durable and wear resistance.


Old folding design:

2. 6.5in Front Solid Tire

    Big front wheel, make our S8 Electric Kick Scooter pedal higher from the ground. Do not need worry the pebbles on the pavement.


Old 5in Small Tire:

3. Light and  Shock Absorption

    Light in the following, offer nice vision for the pavement under dark light situation.

The Shock Absorption reduce the sense of vibration when you enjoy your fun on the way !


No Shock Absorption Light high from ground:

4. High-intensity Stress test

Stress by car, there is no break.

5. Other configuration

Back LED light

Assist wheels

Back absorption

Welcome your inquiry, email us get more information!

jifi, Ride to be fun!

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