Electric Bikes becoming more and more popular!

May. 24,2018

Electric bicycles have become a hot spot in foreign countries and have a good level of discussion on various social networking sites. The overall sales volume can also see significant growth. However, there are too few research data on electric bicycles to analyze how people think of electric bicycles as a newly emerged means of transportation. A study on American electric bikes conducted by the National Institute of Transportation and Community Studies in the United States can understand how people view this type of vehicle between electric vehicles and bicycles.

The survey asked in depth about 1,800 electric bike riders in North America, most of them in the United States. Contents include questions about why respondents purchased electric bikes, under what conditions they are used, how well electric bicycles perform compared to conventional bicycles in actual riding and so on.

According to the report, men accounted for 70% of most electric bike buyers and 29% of women (the rest did not specify gender). The reasons for purchasing electric bicycles are described in the chart below, such as easier riding in hilly areas, longer distances than bicycles, overcoming obstacles caused by physical insufficiency, and purchasing electric bicycles for entertainment purposes.

However, there are also many purchases aimed at avoiding the trouble of driving a car. 28 percent of those surveyed said they specifically bought electric bicycles to replace cars.

Others pointed out that they prefer to use a car-free lifestyle, such as using electric bicycles to carry goods or children, avoiding parking difficulties and traffic jams when driving cars, focusing on environmental protection, and riding electric bicycles is more effective. The mode of transportation.

Electric bicycles are not only practical. About a quarter of the surveyed drivers said they wanted to use electric bikes for fitness. Others appear to be entertained by one person, using electric bicycles to make up for lack of physical fitness, and also need to be used when going out with friends and family.

No matter what reason they give, the frequency of use by people who buy electric bikes is high. More than 91% of users ride every week or every day. At the same time, only 55% of people often ride bicycles before purchasing electric bicycles. It is clear that the vast majority of drivers (93.4%) have used standard bikes before.

But electric bikes allow them to cycle more often, and often stop the car where it is needed. In fact, the report shows that 76% of the plans for traveling on electric bikes were originally undertaken by the car.

According to survey data, electric bicycles in the US market are small but growing rapidly. In 2016, only 200,000 to 250,000 vehicles were sold. Global sales are exploding and sales are expected to reach 100 million electric bicycles by 2035, which means more electric bikes are used and cars are gradually decreasing.
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